Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm a teacher of English . I've been teaching for 26 years already. My students are of different ages: from 8 to18. Every year we take part in collaborative work with our partner schools during IEARN sessions. Besides we have penpals in Finland. My students have to do a lot of writing. I found that it is very difficult to them to make a report on their research work, to write their attitude etc. That's why I'm here.
Last year I also took part in EVO sessions: Blogging4educators and PowerPoint Presentations. It was extreamly interesting and useful but at the same time it was extreamly difficult.

This is me and my 5-grade students. They've just started to learn English.


Paula said...

Hi Tatiana,
Kenan suggested we should work on word processor task collaboratively. I haven't written anything, yet. I shall do it and send you a draft by mail. Feel free to contact me whenver you wish.
Ana Paula

Paula said...

Dear Tatiana,
I hope things are nice for you. I'm ok!
Maybe you haven't seen my post, yet.
Tell me something!
Best wishes,