Friday, January 16, 2009


Here is a photo I love because that day I was celebrating the big success we had with a play we put on for our annual concert with our students. It was a great day!

I have been an English teacher since I was 16. First I worked with private students and understood it was my passion.
I started my teacher training at the age of 21 and my first experience in charge of a formal class was in a Computer Institute teaching specific vocabulary. That was ages ago, we didn’t even have internet access in our province those days! By the way, I live in Salta, Argentina. After that I always viewed computer matters as only for experts, so I left the idea of working with computers aside. Then I worked in private and public schools and in English Schools, where I taught almost all ages and levels.
In 1999 together with a colleague we decided to open our own English school in our neighborhood and I run it by myself since 2000. At the institute I am always trying to do new and innovative things and update our teaching resources and techniques. We have reading fairs, solidarity campaigns, annual concerts, Halloween parties, and lots more. Now, apart from the English school, I’m coordinator of the English Department in a private school.
And look at me now! Last year I bought a computer and six months later I joined BAW 08. Very courageous! I learned a lot about blogs and even taught my teachers at the English school. I didn’t work with blogs directly, but coordinated my staff and I’m very proud of their work. We couldn’t develop it very much though as we don’t have computers at the institute and it came to be quite difficult to have classes in cyber cafes. Anyway as we plan not to give in, I joined again EVO courses to learn more and to update what I already know.
I’m eager to learn from you all!

As I didn’t teach last year, I just coordinated, I share with you photographs of the groups we have at the institute.

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