Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rogerio Costa (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi there!

My name is Rogerio Costa and I'm 28. I've been teaching EFL (private classes) for five years though this has never been my main occupation. I work as an academic assistant in a business school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I deal with international accreditation processes, national regulation procedures and faculty management policies.

I got a BA. in Computer Science and graduate degrees in Educational Law and Business Management. I also hold a graduate degree in Translation (English-Portuguese) and FCE and CAE certificates. I intend to get a TEFL asap...

As you can see I lack the (full-time) teaching experience as well as appropiate academic qualification but I try to study as much as I can by my own and I also keep in touch with more experienced teachers. I attend local seminars whenever I can and get a lot of resources from the internet.

Currently I have 5 students in two different levels, I post weekly articles at www.inglesonline.com.br and I'm teaching an online workshop on 'Writing Emails in English'.

I'm sure this EVO session will help me understand the writing process and the importance of practicing collaborative writing in a society which is becoming more and more collaborative.

Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work! :)



PS. This is a photo of my wife and I in Paris last year. :)
PS. I just realized I don't have pictures with my students. :(

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