Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aaron Torres

Hi, my name is Aaron Torres from Costa Rica, Central America. I am a current English teacher at a very prestigiuos private institute in my country named Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano. I got my BA in English Teaching at the University of Costa Rica. I am also currently taking some courses of the Masters Program on English Literatute. I`ve been teaching for more than eigth years, making it a wonderful experience because I love my job! In addition, I am very interested in helping out my students to improve therir written skills. I worked on a research last year and found out that students in my country consider writing the weakest skills developed in thier calsses; thus, it lacks motivation for them. I wish we could change such perception and they understand that a language is not only speaking and listening.
I am very excited to start sharing and learning through these weeks we are gonna be in touch!
Hope to read from you, a new friend from Costa Rica, and as we say "Pura Vida!"

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