Monday, January 12, 2009

Kenan Barut

I am Kenan from Istanbul and I would like to state how pleased I am to be here with you. I hope that we can find ways to illustrate possible ways of fostering cooperation and collaboration in writing classes at various EFL/ESL settings altogether at the end of this course.

I graduated from the department of English Language and Literature at Istanbul University with ELT certificate. Having completed my MA education on EFL Writing, I started my PhD Education again in the field of ELT - which is still in progress - at Middle East Technical University. My main research areas are Post-Process Writing, Computer Mediated Communication and Coursebook Evaluation. As for my teaching background, I taught at a few private institutions in Istanbul and delivered Process Writing and CALL courses at a state university in Turkey. Currently, I am working as an ELT Manager for Oxford University Press in the regions of North Africa, Central Asia and Middle East.

You can contact me via yahoo messenger or skype with the same ID - kenanbarut- or MSN messenger -

I would be happy to share and exchange information with you all as much as possible.



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