Monday, January 12, 2009

Dora Rodriguez

Hi there! My name is Dora Rodriguez and I'm an EFL teacher from Quilmes, Argentina.

Most of my course of studies was done at the University of Mar del Plata, and now I'm finishing it in Capital Federal. I've attended many seminars as regards teaching practices, but this is my first time in an online learning session.

As regards my teaching experience, I've been working since 2003 at different institutions in Mar del Plata, and since 1999 I've been tutoring private students. I've taught all levels of English, to children, teens and adults.

Nowadays, I'm working at a bilingual school and at an institute, teaching different levels and preparing students for several international examinations.

I'm doing some research on multiple intelligences in the classroom, and how to adapt one's classes to them, and I love designing new activities for my students.

I'd love to learn about collaborative writing and how to implement it in different classroom environments.

It would be great to exchange information with you so we all can profit from this e-learning situation!

You can contact me via email at dora1108[AT]



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