Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi ! I'm very excited to start collaborative writing EVO 2009

My name is Liliam Prytz Nilsson, but my nickname is Vicky (do not ask why). I've been an English teacher since the 80's when I graduated from a teachers training in Misiones, Argentina. I've taught teenagers at public schools and children at my own private institute for many years. In 1998 I graduated from University on literary studies and in 2008 I got the second University degree on linguistics. Since 1998 I teach Applied Linguistics at the teachers training and I also work at the Ministry of Education where I coordinate the Area of Intercultural Bilingual Education.
There are two most interesting projects, one is directed to Guarani indigenous people , the other to two schools situated on the borderline with Brazil where the teaching of Spanish and Portugues are the focus of the pedagogical proposal.
I have participated at EVO 2008 and I enjoyed learning and putting into practice some of the many techniques introduced during the on line sessions. I'm eager to put hands on this new proposal, mainly because, on the one hand, I really believe blogging is an excellent pedagogical tool for language teaching, and on the other, because the collaborative generation of knowledge through writing is a potencial still not developed in full depth, but which deserves a wider exploration within academy.
Well, i do expect to be able to contribute to this social learning space and get many friends from around the world.

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