Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mariel Amez

Hi, everyone. I have lived all my life in Rosario, Argentina, where I graduated as a Teacher of English about 20 years ago, and I have been teaching EFL ever since.

Our most important landmark is this monument to our National Flag.

Rosario is called "Birthplace of the Flag", since it was here that it was first hoisted in 1812, during the War of Independence. Here's another website of the city

On an ordinary January day, the banks of Parana River would look somewhat like this.

Since 1990 I have been teaching English Literature (and now Literature in English) at Teacher Education and Translation Programmes both at IES "Olga Cossettini" (state) and ISPI "San Bartolomé" (private).

This is a picture of teachers-to-be at IES "O. Cossettini" in 2007. Many of them have already graduated.

In addition, I teach General English at a private language school, in courses preparatory for FCE and CPE Cambridge exams, and I am an Oral Examiner for Cambridge Esol.

I find teaching writing at CEFR B2 level (ie FCE) extremely challenging, and I hope this seminar will help me to design new strategies to cope.

I am mamez on Yahoo, and marielamez on Skype and Delicious.

Looking forward to working with you.


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Carla Raguseo said...

Hi Mariel,

It's great to find you here. I really think a sound use of web tools at teacher training college level will help new teachers incorporate them naturally and meaningfully into their classes, helping bring about a real change regarding ICT in education.

We are really lucky to have you in Rosario! :-)

Hugs, Carla