Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wikis and EFL (by Mariel)

I have never used a wiki in my classes, but like Joel I have been experimenting with the Multilit wiki and I believe they have a great potential for EFL.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago I created my first wiki for a class that begins in March. I have made it private, but feel free to request me access. Do mention that you are a member of this EVO Group in your message. I would seriously appreciate your feedback.

Let me mention the main advantages of a wiki, in my view. It allows you to insert images, embed videos, create links, like a blog, though it is true the "visual" component is not so strong. Unlike blogs, you and your students can start new pages (and comment on existing ones, obviously), and place them in folders, which I believe can make for much more "organised" work - in a traditional sense of the work "organised", I admit. But I think (though I haven't tried it yet), students may find it easier to go to the "right" place and see what is expected from them.

I see the main advantage in connection with process writing. The whole process can be clearly traced (reversed if necessary) and collaborative documents can be produced.

I can't wait to implement this wiki.

I'm detailing a project in my blog. Perhaps you could give me some feedback?


Mariel said...

I have just added a link in the post to a description of a project.

I don't know if there is a way in which I can create a unique identity so that you can see the wiki. Could someone help out? Thanks.

Berta said...

Sure you can, Mariel. Sometimes I do that. I create a mail account and provide it to my students with the password, so they can use it. I did that to use Googledocs so they were not required to open another mail account themselves (most of our students have a hotmail account) but just wrote their names whenever they made a comment, revision, etc.

You could also open up the wiki for a while, although that might not be safe. I usually let all my sites opene with my students´permission. That way they know anyone can read them so they make an effort to write the best they can, or so they have said.

Let me know if I can be of further help. My mail is

CariƱos, Berta

Berta said...
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